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Realistic representation of various trading activities. Working under time pressure to make the correct trading decisions.

External Training

Play and compete on our online leaderboards, which throw you into various simulations. See how much profit you can make!

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Interactive Simulations

Realistic representation of various trading activities. Working under time pressure to make the correct trading decisions

Competition between the participants. Effective learning by doing rather then listening. Scenarios become more progressively challenging. Motivated learning through having fun.

Typical Training Day

What a Typical day learning with the APT Team looks like:


Attendees of the course are provided with the necessary understanding of the technical and commercial parameters of a Generation portfolio and the market background by Apt’s expert team. The operation of the simulator and the simplifications compared to the real market are fully explained.


Tutor led walkthrough of the Simulation to teach the participants how the application works. Buying and selling power through the simulator to take or close positions gives them a ‘hands-on’ feel for the operation of the market and some of its risks, such as price discontinuities and lack of liquidity. Running the simulation shows participants what the market is like in practice, with time-limited decisions needing to be made against a background of incomplete information.


Competition mode where the teams compete to make the largest profit. Participants get the opportunity to practice a number of different scenarios, with different market conditions and physical events. The financial results of different strategies can be compared between scenarios and between teams to introduce an element of competition to improve performance.


Below is a selection of our Energy Trading Simulations. Please click on the graphic for further information

AptSimulations Overview

GB Energy Market Simulation

Learn about the complexities of the BETTA Energy Trading Market using our interactive hands-on simulator
  • Trading in the BETTA Market.
  • Buy and Sell Power in the Auction
  • Submit plant data to the system operator (PN and BOA data) to reflect intended generation
  • Regularly calculate a cost of generation based on the changing market conditions and then trade
  • Analyse data to estimate market development.
  • Rapidly changing trading opportunities.
  • Prices change according to market news
  • Find profitable opportunities.


Learn how to trade on the new I-SEM market in Ireland
  • Trading in the Irish ISEM Market.
  • Buy and Sell Power in the DAM for a portfolio of generation plants.
  • Submit plant data to the system operator (PN and BM data) to reflect intended generation
  • Optimise plant to benefit from the Balancing Market
  • Balance Gas and Carbon for the portfolio.
  • React to Events according to market changes
  • Find commercial opportunities and lock in profit.

Trading in the Long Term GB Energy Market

Simulate a trading situation where the players are in charge of a 420 MW Power Station with the objective to make the highest profit while making sure the correct hedging strategies are used.
  • Long-term trading of electricity, coal and emissions
  • Hedging of open positions
  • Commit the generation
  • Stock, credit and emissions Management
  • Credit limits and credit risk
  • Arbitrage opportunities
  • Find profitable opportunity and sell the power

Cross Border

In contrast to traditional classroom-based courses, the European Cross Border simulation course allows participants to put into practice what they have learned immediately, in a ‘safe’ environment.
  • Cross-border trade within Europe
  • Power plant scheduling.
  • Operating the power plants respective to the merit order
  • Asset back transactions and balancing
  • Identification and use of arbitrage opportunities
  • Buying capacity with other countries
  • Flowing power cross border
  • Arbitrage opportunities between countries

Futures & Options

The computer-based Simulation Game Proprietary Trading gives participants an introduction to so-called proprietary trading. Through speculative buying and selling of trading products, participants gain insight into profit maximisation through proprietary training. In addition, participants learn the fundamentals of options in the electricity market.
  • Trading a five month period.
  • Use of options for hedging and for optimization of trading strategy.
  • Analyse data to estimate market development.
  • Rapidly changing trading opportunities.
  • Prices change according to changing Forecast values.
  • Market news may change the prices.
  • Find profitable opportunities

German Short Term

The computer-based simulation game short-term simulates the use of a gas and steam power plant on the wholesale market. Marketing is carried out in day-ahead auctions and on the intraday market. Power plant resource scheduling takes place at the same time and must take into consideration start-up costs as well as technical restrictions of the power plant.
  • Preparation and submission of day- ahead bids
  • Intraday power plant optimization
  • Operating the power plant respective to the marginal costs
  • Deal with ramp ups, shut downs and restrictions to power station availability
  • Reaction to changes due to renewable energies availability
  • OTC trading and arbitrage between markets