Apt has developed strong partnerships to improve our offerings for our customers.


EBP is an independent energy market expert for the energy sector that focuses on the electricity and energy trading in Germany. Their expertise encompasses the analysis, forecasting and simulation of energy markets and prices, researched and scenario-based studies, and providing individual consulting services as well as training and expert seminars for the energy sector.
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Lilac Energy delivers The Fundamental Data Manager (FDM) which is a modular system for the collection of commodities and financial data curves, which typically include forecast and actual commodity consumption and production, and actual and forecast market prices. Lilac Energy Software Solutions is a specialist supplier of software systems to energy Industry clients throughout Europe. The Lilac team has a strong mix of technical and industry skills, using the latest development tools which combined with strong experience and a targeted approach.
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EPEX SPOT is the leading exchange for the power spot markets at the heart of Europe representing 50% of European electricity consumption. Our APTrade trading software has been certified by EPEX SPOT. The certification process includes a series of operating tests aiming at validating the conformance with EPEX SPOTs different trading products and market specifications.
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